Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OpenPyro System is updated to version 0.2

Hi to all!

Thanks to your interest in our OpenPyro project and lots of questions & messages we receive by PM and e-mail, we continue to work more actively on the project. Currently, OpenPyro System is updated to version 0.2.

First of all:
according to your wishes, we have altered circuitry of the 8 channel OpenPy
ro Field box, and now 10 channels in one device are available for you.

we are delighted to present an alternative version of OpenPyro Transmitter Light. Analyzing trends in the fireworks forums, we came to conclusion that many fans are interested in
shooting pyromusical fireworks by computer, as well getting ability to manage already acquired equipment. Particulary for this purpose OpenPyro Transmitter Light was designed.

Let’s consider it in detail:
3 control protocols are available (selection by jumper): AlphaFire 12cues, SuperbFire 32cues and our own high-speed protocol OpenPyro. Fully compatible with the control program PyroIgnitionControl V1.4.1.

Easy to manufacture, this device will allow anyone to gather it at home and control 30 devices, 32 channels each (for SuperbFire 32cues) with a resolution of 0.4 sec, or 30 devices on OpenPyro Transmitter, 10cues each with discreteness of 0.05 sec. High speed and shooting accuracy is very important for pyromusical displays, so we recommend you use a protocol OpenPyro.

In the Project repository (http://code.google.com/p/openpyro/downloads/list) The following files are available

Arduino code:
- OpenPyro_Transmitter
- OpenPyro_Transmitter_light
- OpenPyro_Field_box_10
- OpenPyro_Transmitter
- OpenPyro_Transmitter_light
- OpenPyro_Field_box_10

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  1. Hello,
    Once kudos to you. A Great Project.
    Is it possible to make a visual check to build a whether a detonator is connected or not?

    Greetings Andreas

  2. Hi, anyone can update the link for the software please?